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Frequently asked questions about roofing

I have a leaking roof - can you come and investigate?
Were always happy to visit you to give you our advice and recommendations. We will provide a written quote and then you can decide whether or not you wish us to do the work for you. 

Can you give me an idea of timescales?
Well always give you an estimate of how long it is going to take us to do the work before we start and give you plenty of time to plan. We try to fit in around your schedule in order to disrupt you as little as possible.

Will you remove all the rubbish from site?
Our quotations will always include the cost of tidying up and removing any rubbish from site.

We had the whole roof redone a few years ago and now theres a patch of damp appearing next to the chimney. Would you charge for coming out to check what the problem is?
Theres no charge for an investigation of your problems. Once weve found what the problem is, you can then decide if you wish us to give you a quotation for putting it right.

Ours is a flat roof. Do they need regular maintenance?
A flat roof isnt really flat, but it has a slight slop so that the water runs off. If the roofing material sags or there is debris on the roof, this can cause deterioration and eventually problems, so you should have your roof checked regularly for signs of wear and damage. 

Weve lived in this house for a long time and never had any trouble with the roof, but Id like to have it surveyed because I know one day were going to need repairs. Can you help?
You are very wise to have a regular survey because unless proper maintenance is carried out your insurance company may well not meet any claims in the event of storm damage. We are happy to carry out a survey, free of charge, and inform you of any wear which needs attention.

We need to have our house re-roofed. Will it be possible to use the existing slates again, because I dont want to pay for all new ones?
Yes, the chances are that you will be able to use the slates that are already on the roof. But its likely that some will already be damaged, or will suffer damage when they are removed so extra new or reclaimed slates will be needed complete the job.

Can you replace slate with tiles?
The load on the roofing timbers will have been calculated when the roof was first constructed, so if heavier materials are used, structural damage could occur. There may also be planning and building regulation issues, so before exchanging one sort of roofing material for another, a roofing expert should be consulted.

Ever since we had gale force winds we have had a leaking roof. Will our insurance cover the damage?
Your insurance company will want to inspect the roof to make sure that it has been properly maintained. If it hasnt, then there could be some argument with the insurance company about whether or not they will cover the cost of repair.

Do you always need to replace the roofing felt when tiles are replaced?
If the felt is not replaced you will have holes in it where there are no fixings, and the chances are that your roof will leak. We never recommend re-tiling or slating without replacing all the roofing felt at the same time.

Weve got a leaking slate roof and Im baffled because Ive checked that no slates are missing or out of place and cannot find how the rain is getting in. If I cant find the leak, will you be able to?
The cause could be for one of several reasons. Weve never failed to find the cause of a leak so far!

Is it possible to make a pitched roof where there is now a flat one?
Yes, technically it is possible, but much will depend upon the structure of the building and whether the walls can support the weight of a pitched roof.

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