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About roofing

Like any other trade there is a whole roofing language. It may help if you know some of the terms that we may use when discussing your roof:

Apron – Flashing in front of a wall where it protrudes from a pitched roof
Barge board – the board along the side edge of pitched roof
Batten – horizontal wooden strips on which tiles or slates are fixed.
Counter batten – vertical batten on which underfelt and battens are fixed
Courses – lines in which slates or tiles are laid, starting at the eaves and going up to the ridge of a pitched roof
Dormer – a window built into the pitch of a roof and therefore having it’s own pitched roof at right angles
Eaves – that part of a sloped roof which hangs over a wall
Fascia board – a board which is fixed below bottom edge of a roof on which guttering is fixed
Felt roof – a flat roofing material applied in layers 
Flashing – a weather seal between a wall and roofing materials or two parts of a roof 
Flush verge – a roof which stops at the wall – ie. not projecting
Back gutter – a gutter behind a wall where it protrudes through a pitched roof, eg. a chimney
Gable – side end of a building, side on to the pitch of a roof 
Gauge – spacing between battens
Projecting verge – that part of a pitched roof which extends beyond the end of a gable
Hip – the junction of a hipped end and a pitched roof
Hipped end – angled roof between two planes of pitched roof
Margin – that part of the slate or tile which is exposed, ie. not lapped
Nail sickness – metal fatigue in roofing nails
Rafter – structural roof timber
Ridge – junction between two planes of a pitched roof
Ridge board – board which runs along ridge
Sarking – Underfelt
Sarking board – insulating board over rafters
Slate – finely grained rock used for roofing 
Soffit –overhanging part of a wall or balcony or board used to seal a gap between wall and roof
Underfelt – material used under tiles or slates to help insulate and make a roof watertight
Tiles – manmade clay or concrete material used for roofing
Tingle – small metal strip used to repair slipping slates
Truss – roof frame
Valley – low point at which to two angles of a pitched roof meet

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